Soft-Gel-Filler monophasic hyaluronic acid based
24mg / ml cross-linked
  • Medium and deep wrinkles
  • Correction of imperfections and defects of the face
  • Medium deep scars
  • Nose correction
  • Increase of the cheekbones and chin correction

Contraindicated for glabella
Alayna SG 24 Distinct is a monophasic gel, excellent volumizing.
Alayna SG 24 Distinct is optimal for deep wrinkles, correction of scars, remodeling of the contours of the face, irregularities of the skin, such as acne scars, filling nasolabial wrinkles and wrinkles the angle of the lips.
This gel is also suitable for treatment of the hands; in this case it is recommended to use a cannula.
Even for the increase of cheekbones and cheeks, we recommend using a cannula. Alayna SG 24 Distinct is injected into the dermis medium and deep.
The results with Alayna SG 24 Distinct reached a duration of up to 10 months.
Needle: 27G