• Fine lines and wrinkles

–        forehead wrinkles

–        glabella

–        Crow’s Feet

–        lip wrinkles

–        Perioral Wrinkles

  • lip edge
  • Eye Creams
  • lower lids
  • Touch Up after treatment with ALAYNA M16 medium or

ALAYNA M24 Shape

ALAYNA M8 Gentle is a low cross-linked gel, which was developed for the gentle treatment of wrinkles. It is rapidly distributed in tissues and produces a natural lifting effect.

In particular, the critical areas of the lower eyelids can be optimally filled with ALAYNA M8 Gentle. The injection is done subcutaneously on the edge of Orbitabogens, preferably with a blunt cannula. The best result is achieved when ALAYNA M8 Gentle is injected into these areas in low concentration.The effect lasts for up to 10 months.

In other areas ALAYNA M8 Gentle is injected into the upper to middle dermis.

Cannula size: 27 G